We are a network of professionals with specialties in tech and marketing.

About Us

We have a passion of connecting business ideas with talented professionals via innovative business models. Our team is dedicated to clearing the roadblocks for our clients regardless of what the nature of the challenge is: a talent shortage, technical expertise shortfall, or absence of a strategy.

The challenge sorting is never accomplished on a linear path; it’s a journey fraught with detours, twists, and turns. So, we embrace the nature of uncertainty in this journey and offer our clients the freedom to pick the way they want to partner with us. Here are a few scenarios, just to give you an idea of how diverse are the ways in which our clients may choose to engage our services.

Get a Project Done

If a project has fallen into your plate when you don’t have enough time/resources to complete then the best thing to do is get the complete project done by ‘the Missing Click’ team. We’d make sure that the time and energy spent by your team in handing over the project is minimum and the whole process is smoothly executed until the successful completion of the project.

Get an Expert or a Team of Experts to Augment your Resources

So, you’ve a good gig going except that the quality of your projects keep slipping due to lack of one or few critical roles on the team and the whole market seems to have a shortage of just the type of professionals that you need. Well, we are here for you in such critical situations. You may ask us to get a ‘quality assurance engineer’, a ‘content writer’, a ‘graphic designer’, or ‘embedded systems engineer’. If need be, we can offer you ways to engage a team comprising of all of these or other professionals. Call us to know more about these ‘team augmentation’ options available right now.

Get Consultancy, Training, or Technical Support

Many a times, a company gathers all the required rock stars that they thought would be necessary to run the show, but things just don’t click. The cause of trouble could be the lack of inexperience, a lack of integration skills, or just inability to market the solution. Give our consultants a call and we’ll love to troubleshoot the issue with you. What’s more, we might even help you implement the proposed solutions with the help of our expert teams.

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