Web and Mobile Apps


Whatever you do, there’s an app for that. There is a reason for this: that’s where the customers are. So, dream big and pour your heart into realizing your wishes, but don’t forget to build an app if you want to introduce your idea to the world.

So does your business have an app yet? We’d love to help you build one. Our experts have such an extensive experience of building web and mobile apps that there is a great chance they’d built something in the framework that you want. Get in touch and know it for sure.

  • Android, iOS, Windows Apps
  • HTML5 Mobile Apps
  • Tablet Apps
  • Cross-Platform Development

Internet of Things (IoT)


We all know that internet is a critical part of human life… given our dependency on smartphones. But have you experienced how profound the impact of internet is when inanimate objects become smart and start using the internet? Not yet? Well, we can tell you first hand that it is one of the coolest experience in the world!

Here’s a glimpse when IoT is realized in home: you can make your home ambiance cozy to your taste. Your refrigerator can help you make the dreaded grocery list. Your washer can remind you to put detergent on your list before it’s too late. You can turn off the light switch and lock the door without getting out of the bed.

IoT application in industry and business are even more fascinating. You can get data from the industrial machines right on your cellphone and make critical decisions in real time. You can control, maintain, and monitor your critical equipment from anywhere around the world, improving efficiency and profitability. The global nature of IoT means that you can benefit from these applications regardless of in which sector you operate in: agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and government, you name it and we can show you a remarkable way that industry is utilizing IoT. So what are you waiting for? Get connected with us today and get ready to leverage the smartness enabled with IoT.

  • Wearable Tech
  • Smart City
  • Smart Grids
  • Industrial IoT
  • Connected Health
  • Smart Retail

Legacy Systems Optimization


So, everyone is talking about cutting edge technologies. But what about the technologies that lose their edge? The legacy technologies are a reality for many businesses who have to deal with the questions: should it be maintained or eliminated? The green business practices recommend to make the most out of the available resources. So whether the technology is in trend or not the best practices recommend making sure that the business is taking the most out of it.

We offer a win-win solution for businesses struggling with legacy technologies. A cost-effective maintenance and upgrade that makes legacy technology integration and utilization with the rest of the business systems.

  • Architecture Modernization
  • Modularization of Complex Systems
  • Data Security and Retrieval
  • Integration into Newer Systems

Virtual and Augmented Reality


Virtual reality is soon to become the reality of businesses, especially in entertainment, tourism, education, and any field that could use immersive simulation to improve its services. The immersive experience simulates the real life experience as if it were really happening.

The applications of VR are many and are increasing as more businesses are adopting the technology. We offer corporate learning and system simulation for businesses who want to leverage this latest technology.

  • Product and System Visualization
  • Virtual Showrooms and Walkthrough
  • Corporate Training and eLearning
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Safety and Maintenance Manuals